Hello again! You know the drill – its time for another summery favorites. Let’s jump right into it!


My clothing items of the month are two tops that I think are so cute. The first top is this little spaghetti strap rust-colored top with buttons. I usually shy away from anything v-necked because I have a bony sternum that I don’t think looks great in low-cut tops. However, I really liked the style of this top and I actually think it’s quite flattering! It is from Forever21 so you know it was a great deal and I love pairing it with the accessories I have chosen for this month(listed below!). The second top I chose is my favorite purchase of the month. This is a cropped, short-sleeve sweatshirt top from Avec Les Filles. It has the brand name written on the hem and I think it looks so cool with denim and sandals. It’s a little thick for summer but I suffer for the style.


My favorite shoes of the month are also my favorite shoes of the summer, period. These are my new Steve Madden Donddi sandals. I own a very similar pair but I really wanted some in a good true brown color, and when I saw these I knew they were perfect. I am wearing them with literally everything this summer and will probably continue wearing them through the seasons until my toesies can no longer bear it.


I’ve got quite a few accessories because this month I was feeling a little extra. I included this hat, which I honestly haven’t really worn, simply because I got it this month and I am obsessed with it. It is a brown wool hat which I got to wear more towards the fall. I picked this up at Macy’s and the tag said $45. I wasn’t mad at the price but I was definitely debating grabbing it or holding out for something a little cheaper. I ended up price checking it and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was only $9. That sealed the deal! It is by International Concepts and I can’t wait to don it more towards autumn! I’ve also included my mirrored round sunnies from LOFT, because I think they look best in the summertime. I also included my favorite necklace combo at the moment, which is a gold choker and a suede tie choker, both from Forever21. They look amazing together, especially with tops like my rust-colored one. Definitely a winning combo.


My game of the month is Obama Llama, which is a rhyming party game. It is basically charades, but with rhyming prompts. An example would be “Britney Spears in tears”, and your teammate would need to act that out or explain it to you to get you to guess it. I actually bought this game as a present for my mom on her birthday and we had a blast playing it. It was quite cheap for a board game as well so I definitely recommend it!



This month I have started watching The Mist series and I think it is pretty good. I have only seen about half the first season, so I can’t speak to it 100%, but so far the concept is interesting and the plot is enjoyable. It’s an adaptation of the Stephen King novel and since I thought the movie was really good, I figured I’d give this show a shot! Some things that happen are a little “wtf” but that’s to be expected, all in all I am really liking it so far!



There are a few songs that have literally been on repeat nonstop this month. It is driving everyone around me crazy but for some reason I have been stuck on 3 specific songs all month. The first is “Only Us” by Paperwhite. I think the beat and the sound is so so so catchy and I just love blasting it in the car or when I cleaning or something. I can’t stop listening to it. The next song is “Dig Down” by Muse. This is their latest single and I just really love it. I play this mostly in the car where I can really jam out to it. I’ve always loved their sound and this song is no exception! The last thing I’ve been listening to nonstop is the new album from Lorde. I especially love Perfect Places, The Louvre, Sober I & II, and Supercut. This album is amazing and you should absolutely listen to it!


My decor favorite is my bed !! I chose this because I recently moved, and I got to swap out my old terrible mattress with a new one and I am in love. I also got a new body pillow cover and I love it, so I think the bed looks and feels the best it ever has. I already had my bedding and I absolutely looove it. The sheets are from Target and the duvet cover is from H&M. The new body pillow cover is also from Target. There was a weird bar hanging above my bed from a previous decoration, so to make it look less weird I just hung some little bunting tiles that I had from my old apartment. I think it looks nice for the time being, and it is definitely a lot more comfy.

FullSizeRender - Copy

Ok, that’s everything for July! I can’t believe summer is moving so quickly but I couldn’t be more excited for Fall and Winter, which are just around the corner. Thanks for reading!



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