Hey guys! For the fiery hot month of July, I wanted to do the Red portion of my Quick Picks series. I love the color red, especially a more orange-toned red, which is the color of most of my red items! This is a bit embarrassing to admit, but my alma mater’s school colors were red and white, yet I own barely any red clothing. I’m not sure why, but its the truth! I do however have this little high neck crop top from Forever 21 in the cutest rust color. I think it looks perfect with gold jewelry and little denim or white shorts. The necklace is also from Forever21. I also wanted to include my bookbag, mostly because I’m obsessed with it and I always got compliments on it or questions as to where I got it. I purchased this bookbag for freshman year of college and it is still in perfect condition 4 years and a lot of wear n tear later. I love it! This bag is a Puma Procat Jenna Tie-Dye that I actually picked up at Wal-Mart. I really like it because I wear a lot of boring colors and it adds a fun touch when I wear it. I also just love the convenience of a bookbag rather than a purse so I tend to grab it even when I don’t really need it. Then I also included a bandana, or neckerchief that I wear all the time. I think my favorite color is actually my white one, but I love wearing the red one with white shirts or striped tops. I am definitely a big fan of this trend, I think they look so cool and definitely match my style.

FullSizeRender - Copy (3)FullSizeRender - Copy (2)fullsizerender-copy

The other portion of this quick pick is mostly beauty. I have two lipsticks that I chose to share with you guys. One is more of an orange-red, while the other is more of a true-red. The orange-y shade is Indie Flick by NYX, and the true-red is the Rimmel Kate Moss in the shade 01. I also chose this eyeshadow palette that I was gifted a while ago because it really fit the theme and has some great colors. This is the Miss Fabulous EyeShadow Palette which is a great value for the colors. I only swatched a couple shades from the palette, sticking to the colors that I’d be more likely to use and the ones that are warmer, red tones. From left to right I’ve swatched Polished, Fox, Coco, Arizona, Frankie, and Guru. I’ve also included my all-time favorite nail polish to use on my toes, which is the Revlon polish in Ravishing. It is so pretty, especially for summer.

FullSizeRender - CopyFullSizeRenderIMG_4387

The last bits I included are my go-to hair products, Big Sexy Hair Spray n Play Hairspray and the Root Pump Mousse. I don’t use hairspray a lot, but when I do this is what I use. I love the hold it provides and I love the lift I get with the volumizing mousse. They are integral to my hair product collection and are probably the reddest things I own, so I definitely had to include them!
Ok, that sums up this Quick Pick. Thanks for reading!


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