Star Spangled


Hey guys! Here’s a quick post from the 4th of July. I had such a nice 4th and I hope you all did, too! I will admit that I am typically not a huge fan; I think it’s because I never really do anything to celebrate. I spent this 4th with my family which was actually really nice. We had a small little BBQ with ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, etc. which was enough for me to consider the day a win. We played some board games, like Monopoly, which inevitably ended with an in-debt and angry Emily. But I quickly got over it as we lit some sparklers, made some ice cream cones, and looked for fireworks to end the nice day.

On me:

top – Serengetee

neckerchief – Target

shorts – Forever21

sunnies – Joopin

There’s a lot of heat in America currently, considering our political circumstances. Our country stands quite divided at the moment as passionate people on both sides of a bridge fight for what they believe is right. It seems like a pointless battle; older generations are rooted in their traditional beliefs, and the new age is just as passionate in their ideals. There is particularly a lot of commotion over the president. Ultimately, America is bigger than the person who happens to be running it at any given point – we are not solely defined by our president and our council. Unfortunately it makes up a lot of how others see us, but hopefully they can also see the rise against hatred and how many Americans are fighting for equality. I think in the highs and lows of any situation, we have a low that we will overcome.

I am in no way a political commentator, nor did I intend for this post to become so in depth. I think it is just something that is stirring in every American’s mind at the moment, and is particularly present during this celebration of our nation. I think a lot of people who do not support the president or his choices fight back against the country itself. The way I see it, celebrating America is not celebrating the president nor saying you agree with him-it’s celebrating the concept of freedom, which is the defining feature of America. From a rocky start as we all know, we have worked, fought, made mistakes, overcome, made more mistakes, tried to repair those mistakes, and continue to build and progress. And of course we have not reach any form of utopian society. We are not even close, but we are making progress, and even with obstacles we will continue to climb as a nation. We have a lot more than a lot of countries. And we are a lot farther than we were 50 years ago. Hopefully we will be a lot farther 50 years from now. Considering the number of young people that are so passionate and committed to the pursuit of equality and progress in America, I don’t think it’s too much of a pipe dream.


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