afternoon tea

Hey guys! Today’s post is just a lil snippet/ootd from my day Friday which was so much fun! I’ve been wanting to attend an afternoon tea for a while because it seemed like a lot of fun (and I love sandwiches haha) so my mom and I set up a date to go and do it! We decided to go to the O. Henry in Greensboro for our tea. We sat in little armchairs next to a window that looked out on their garden/patio area and it was so nice. We both just ordered the classic tea, and I got a pot of English Breakfast while my mom opted for Peaches & Ginger tea. We got a sampling of scones, sandwiches, and desserts. I was a large fan of the cucumber sandwich and the smoked salmon sandwich. I prefer savory over sweet so the sandwiches in general were my favorite.

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We had a great time and wanted to dress up a little for the tea, even though there wasn’t any kind of dress code we had to adhere to. I have been living in shorts and t-shirts all summer long so it was nice to finally get a little more dolled up! I wore a little high-low, open-back dress with a high neckline from Forever21, which was only $25 (amazing) and my necklaces were both from Forever21 as well. I wore my Chinese Laundry heeled sandals because I frickin love them and that was my whole get up! I also wore my little sunnies from Sojos, which I found on Amazon for $12.

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And that’s pretty much it! I just wanted to share my ootd and my experience at the tea. We learned that they switch out the teas and treats for the seasons, so we will definitely be attending in the fall, winter, and spring to see how everything changes! I could definitely go for a pumpkin chai or something similar. Is it bad that I’m already ready for fall? Anyways, thanks for reading!


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