Quick Picks: Blue

Hey guys! I decided to do my blue edition of quick picks today because I realized that almost all of my new hair products are blue, and I love them all so I thought it would be a great time to share them! Blue is actually not one of my favorite colors so I don’t own a lot of things that are traditional blue. I love navy but I don’t really wear a lot of blue or incorporate it into my style anywhere. It made it a little harder to find blue pieces to share but I realized I did have some even if this isn’t a very vibrant quick picks. Either way, here we go!

I’ll start with the hair products because they are the reason I chose to do blue. I am currently using the Loreal Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo and Conditioner. I think this is a new product by Loreal and when I saw it I really wanted to try it. As someone with blonde bits through the tips of my hair, I get quite dry ends and then oily roots. This product claims to purify the roots and rehydrate the ends and so far I am loving it! I don’t feel like I have to wash my hair as much and I’ve definitely noticed a different in the tips of my hair. This product is fantastic and I am fixing to purchase the matching dry shampoo with the collection with high hopes for that as well.

I also recently purchased the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream and Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I chopped my hair to right above the collarbone the other day and I really wanted to find a hair product that could give my shorter hair nice texture and lift. I remembered having the sea salt spray when I was like 15 with boob length hair and no idea how to use it haha, so I decided to pick it up with the cream and give it a shot. I am loving this, especially the texturizing cream. I put it on my damp hair and allow it to air dry or blow dry lightly with a diffuser and I can honestly leave it from there and have nice fun waves. It’s so easy and looks great so it gets an A+ from me!

Another product that I use frequently but have had for a while now is the Moroccan Oil Smoothing Lotion. I always always use this straight out of the shower on my damp hair, excluding my scalp. It gives moisture to my ends and makes everything look soft and sleek. I love it and have loved it since I was 17!

Another product I love using is my Nivea In-Shower Lotion. I usually reserve it for days when my skin is feeling really dry or if I’ve just shaved and want to have extra-soft legs. The only gripe I have is that it doesn’t smell great, but the smell doesn’t linger and when I use my body cream after drying off, you can’t smell it at all. It works to keep moisture in your skin so it’s perfect for really dry days in both the winter and summer.

I have a couple beauty products but not many, because I don’t typically where blue eyeshadow or lipstick or anything like that. The packaging on my favorite mascara is blue, which is the Loreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara. It’s fantastic for getting length and volume without a lot of clumps, and the brush shape is great to get flared, fluttery lashes. I’ve also included a Revlon nail polish in the shade Irresistible, which is such a great color for spring and summer. I love wearing the bright blue/periwinkle color on my nails when I’ve got a bit of a tan.

One strange addition to this quick pick is actually a tea infuser that was a gift for my birthday. My friend very thoughtfully got me this as she knows I am obsessed with tea and funny lil bits and bobs. It’s a manatee that I can add loose tea to and he perches on the rim of the cup. It is adorable and I just included it because it makes me smile. I believe it is from ModCloth, as they do lots of quirky little pieces like this!

There are two shirts chosen for this quick pick and they are both striped, haha. The first one is a navy and white striped top from Old Navy with bright pink stitching that says “Vacay”. I’m usually not giant on slogan shirts but I really liked the shirt itself and I thought the pink stitching was a fun addition. The other top is a Forever21 top (of course) and it is a cropped navy and white striped tee. I love pairing this with my little olive shorts from H&M and white sneakers, I think it is the cutest, tomboy-ish pairing that is definitely my style.

The last two items are accessories. The cap is my navy and red Braves cap that I wear all the time. It was the first step into my newest obsession with baseball caps. I think they look really flattering with my shorter hair so I’ve been reaching for them a lot more lately. The last thing is a bag, or should I say THE bag, as I rarely carry anything else. This is my BCBG Zoey Crossbody in Mint, and it is basically the only bag I use in the spring and summer. I just think the color is so much fun and its the perfect size because I don’t carry a ton of stuff with me. I can’t see myself getting a different bag anytime soon so I definitely had to add it to my quick picks.

And that’s everything for this quick pick! I’m thinking red or orange next for the hot hot month of July. Thanks for reading!


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